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help me please

hey everyone... im not nu to LJ... but i wanted some more friends. and i wanted to know if anyone had some tight aaliyah icons... i love that gurl as if she was my own big sista!!! anyways....

Erika... ♥
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wicked huh
i kno
yea its cooh.. but i dont like the queen of the damn ones too much ... i dont like when she looks evil like that. but i still love her.
Aaliyah 4 ever fa sho damg that's like my favortie part up in romoe must die that when she's crying and when she fights dang.... I missing her like Crazy... like I actually knew her. But yea if ya'll wanna chaek out my xanga it houstonboimissnaaliyah ( cuz i truley am)
I'm new to Lj (Sort of) I'm a big Liyah fan too.
Would it be aiight to add y'all?
sorry im just now gettin to ya. u can add me if u want.