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New music from Aaliyah!!!!!!


                                             New Aaliyah song entitled "Giving Up"!!!!


                                                (Her new cd is dropping sometime this year.)

                                          AALIYAH NEW SONG giving up EXCLUSIVE


    Click here to hear it-->  http://focusbrandy.free.fr/Aaliyah_-_Giving_Up.wma 

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Thank you so much for the song, it's wonderful :)
no problem! <3
Aaliyah is my pride, my only one!
I can understand your love to her, she's amazing..
Btw, here's my group (well it's half mine) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aaliyahvideos
P.S. if you want, you can add me to your friends, i would love to meet someone who loves aaliyah as much as i do
Hey there!

Oh MOST DEFINATELY! We can add each other as friends!I am SO GLAD to find people who care as much for her as I do. <3

I will definately check out your yahoo group. Its looks cool already.


Your new friend,
~Tiya ;)